Here are some slippers that have been hanging around in my craft corner for quite some time. Figured it was time to showcase them to the world. Maybe someone will want to give them a new home.

I wrote this pattern some time ago, thought I’d share it with everyone. I would love to see pictures of your creations from this pattern. Any feedback or comments are always appreciated. Enjoy!!!

amigurumi penguin pattern

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting my blog… I’ve got some catching up to do. Here’s a little update on the craft fair. It was certainly lots of fun. I got to meet a bunch of great crafters. Didn’t sell a whole lot, but did do some trading.

my booth
my booth
Jane Hancock Papers

Jane Hancock Papers

I got some lovely stationery and cards made by Rajshel of Jane Hancock Papers. And a little makeup organizer that I use to hold my hooks and needles from Janine of

….. making more things for the craft fair….

It’s just one week away now!

I am SOOOO excited!!! I was invited to participate in a craft fair – the Handmade Market Fair, hosted by Paisley Farmhouse in Milton, Georgia. It’s happening on Saturday, June 6th 10am-7pm. The place is Birmingham Village Shopping Center (980 Birmingham Road, Milton, GA 30004). The shopping center is hosting a “Movies Under the Stars” evening – the movie (don’t know which one) will start at 8pm. There will be about 20 other crafters/artists with a variety of creations. So, if you can please drop by and say hello.

This is the first craft fair that will be entirely mine – I’ve done church fundraiser craft fairs with my items, but that was some time ago, and didn’t go all that well. Hopefully this will be different. I am definitely more prepared and more motivated this time. Since I don’t have a ton of stuff pre-made, I’ve been crocheting like mad for the last week. Here is a part of what I have already …

(oops… the larger toys are hiding in that picknick basket … forgot to take them out for the photo shoot)

Completely unrelated, here are my adorable bunnies, my little carpet eaters – Fluffy and Serenkii.


And, also unrelated,  I managed to grow strawberries on my porch – can’t wait to taste some… yumm…


I didn’t realize that I’d made it to the etsy front page back in March. Woo-hoooO!
Those are my slippers!

Recently it seems that all I make are amigurumi. The little single crochet stitches, all clustered together – although they are fun and cute – sometimes get tiring. I need room to breathe. That’s when I make doilies. Yes, the old-fashioned pointless lacey things. They are really not that bad. I find the tiny hook and thread, the repeating round pattern very enjoyable. And in the end I have a gorgeous centerpiece. They remind me of mandalas. And not just in the appearance – drawing/coloring mandalas is therapeutic – as is making doilies for me.

This one is going to be a gift for my mother in law for her birthday/mother’s day.

Another lacey thing I made not too long ago is this scarf. The yarn is pure angora handspun by Corina of It is super-luxurious, very warm and fluffy and soft. I loved working with it. The stitches are called lover’s knot.

It’s sitting in my etsy shop now. Click on picture to see the listing.