Although I’ve been reading and following several blogs for quite a while, I have just discovered that actually writing a blog and making it look the way you want is much more difficult than I imagined.

First of all – I just spent one hour trying to arrange the widgets, columns and headers the way I wanted. And I’m still trying…

Secondly¬†– what do you say? I thought I had a ton of interestingness to share with the world, but when the time came to actually put it all in writing… I froze. Maybe it’s stagefright. Or maybe it’s my usual linguistically challenged self – struggling to say what I want in a way that everyone else will understand. Or maybe, and most likely I just need a plan.

Ok, here’s my plan (whoa, that was fast!). At the moment I just want to start a blog. This will be the place where I can share my creativity with the world. In the future I plan to post patterns, report on my crafty projects, or maybe just rant.

Alright, this is a good, although somewhat rocky, start.

Here are some recent listing at my etsy store. Expect to hear much more about it in the future. Still trying to figure out a way to put it in that right column….