I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting my blog… I’ve got some catching up to do. Here’s a little update on the craft fair. It was certainly lots of fun. I got to meet a bunch of great crafters. Didn’t sell a whole lot, but did do some trading.

my booth
my booth
Jane Hancock Papers

Jane Hancock Papers

I got some lovely stationery and cards made by Rajshel of Jane Hancock Papers. And a little makeup organizer that I use to hold my hooks and needles from Janine of girlsewpretty.etsy.com


….. making more things for the craft fair….

It’s just one week away now!

I am SOOOO excited!!! I was invited to participate in a craft fair – the Handmade Market Fair, hosted by Paisley Farmhouse in Milton, Georgia. It’s happening on Saturday, June 6th 10am-7pm. The place is Birmingham Village Shopping Center (980 Birmingham Road, Milton, GA 30004). The shopping center is hosting a “Movies Under the Stars” evening – the movie (don’t know which one) will start at 8pm. There will be about 20 other crafters/artists with a variety of creations. So, if you can please drop by and say hello.

This is the first craft fair that will be entirely mine – I’ve done church fundraiser craft fairs with my items, but that was some time ago, and didn’t go all that well. Hopefully this will be different. I am definitely more prepared and more motivated this time. Since I don’t have a ton of stuff pre-made, I’ve been crocheting like mad for the last week. Here is a part of what I have already …

(oops… the larger toys are hiding in that picknick basket … forgot to take them out for the photo shoot)

Completely unrelated, here are my adorable bunnies, my little carpet eaters – Fluffy and Serenkii.


And, also unrelated,  I managed to grow strawberries on my porch – can’t wait to taste some… yumm…