Recently it seems that all I make are amigurumi. The little single crochet stitches, all clustered together –¬†although they are fun and cute¬†– sometimes get tiring. I need room to breathe. That’s when I make doilies. Yes, the old-fashioned pointless lacey things. They are really not that bad. I find the tiny hook and thread, the repeating round pattern very enjoyable. And in the end I have a gorgeous centerpiece. They remind me of mandalas. And not just in the appearance – drawing/coloring mandalas is therapeutic – as is making doilies for me.

This one is going to be a gift for my mother in law for her birthday/mother’s day.

Another lacey thing I made not too long ago is this scarf. The yarn is pure angora handspun by Corina of It is super-luxurious, very warm and fluffy and soft. I loved working with it. The stitches are called lover’s knot.

It’s sitting in my etsy shop now. Click on picture to see the listing.